Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Hi Suresh..How Are you?"

Hi Friends,
I am sharing something which i will always cherish .This was the time when i just graduated from campus and Joined Birlasoft in Chennai. Probably that was the time when software industry was going great guns.. i am talking about mid of year 2006 . As usual we were on bench for two months before geting assigned to a project .

You guys must be thinking what we were upto for these two months ... no no .. we were not doing anything related to studies ... as this was rarely our cup of tea ... anyways we all have heard " an idle mind is devils workshop " and that is something what has happened there .

One floor was allocated to freshers .. and normally no body used to visit there apart from us. We had access to internet ... i mean nothing was blocked .. we guys had access to orkut ,gmail etc....

One of my desk partner once asked me "How many friends u have on orkut ? " i replied around 100 ... he got so bugged and you know what he did after that ???????? .... Being a bengoli he went to bengoli community ... and started sending friend request to unknown guys as well ...even this was not enough for him.. then he started sending request to his friends ... and used to call them and request them to accept his invitation ... just to increase his no of friends on orkut ... wasn't this crazy ?????? What say friends ?

This gave me an Idea.... me along with my roommate "Arabinda" ... discussed late night and planned something ...and executed successfully... and the result of which is as follows ---------

As time went by and we all were busy doing absolutely Nothing ....except orkutting,chatting etc..

After couple of days ... there was a scrap in everyone's profile ...

The scarp reads " Guys you are no longer in college. I can see most of the times you people are on orkut . You are supposed to explore in your respective technologies if u have free time . I don't believe this is corporate culture. Please take care of this and don't force us to handle things differently....You guys have a bright future please don't spoil it . "

and you know ... who sent those scraps ... He was none other than our very own " T.G.Suresh" sys admin head of Birlasoft, Chennai. Now don't put too much of brain how T.G.Suresh had a profile on Orkut ......

Here comes the wonderful part ...

One of my college mate "Amit anand" ...(amit you already met with him in my college) .. the moment he saw those scrap ... he left office immediately ... i asked him the reason ? He told me check out your orkut scraps .... i got the point.

A colleague named Divya ... replied to that scrap ... sorry Suresh ....we won't browse it in office time ...can we use orkut after 6.30 ????????....

Atul says ... sorry suresh we won't do it again .... and many more replies and comments was there in the pipeline ... just shared a few which i remember even after two years ....

--- Now When i reached home ------------
"Amit anand" was my flat mate as well. When i reached home ... he asked what happened in office ? I replied ..nothing much .. We were scolded by the admin head for using orkut... then "Amit anand" replied ... you guys were truely stupid that even after seeing the scrap .. u stayed in office ... :) see i was smart enough to leave office as soon i saw his scrap ....And this was the point i was about to Break my scilence over the whole episode but somehow i controlled my laughter ... why ? tell u in a moment .

No need to say .. it was such a funny as well as a memorable day ... as for few months people used to tease me ..." Hi Suresh, How are u ? "
Alok Jha