Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secret face of the Sphinx revealed

The Sphinx, one of Egypt's most famous monuments and an icon of the world, may be much older than thought.
A television documentary will this week probe the secrets of the Sphinx which towers over the Giza Plateau.
A new survey by geologist Colin Reader has put forward a radical new theory that the Sphinx might have originally had an entirely different face.
He says rainwater erosion on the Sphinx's enclosure is consistent with it being created before the first pyramid.
Historical architect Dr Jonathan Foyle believes the monument may have once had a much larger face. Visual effects artists have created digital images of what the Sphinx could have looked like.

digital recreation of original face of Sphinx, created by the award winning visual effects company ZOO 2.jpg

Egyptologists believe the Sphinx was built shortly after the first pyramid 4,500 years ago by the pharaoh Khafre.

The new theory will be revealed in a Channel Five documentary on Thursday December 11 at 8pm made by Atlantic Productions.

Courtesy: Mirror.Co.UK