Saturday, December 20, 2008

Are you ready for marriage... 3 ways to find it out..

I find this very interesting...Must read it...

This one is for all those, who have been bluffed by their partners, that they are ready for the Big 'M'. Believe me you can always fool yourself to think that you are, but there are some Scientific Techniques of finding out the truth.

So it's simple now, just follow any of these listed techniques, and find it for yourself.

1: The Room Trap Technique

Technique Summary: This is a very easy and efficient way to find out.
Here's how you can do it.

One fine day enter into your bedroom, take a big iron lock, and lock your
room from inside. and then throw the key outside from the window. make
sure that you don't have anything of interest with you in the room. No
laptops, mobile,etc...

Now if you are able to stay in that room, without any problem, till
someone discovers that you have been in that room for last 2 days, without
any food, water and entertainment. It means that you are ready to Go!

Else, if you start feeling TRAPPED! and you start crying for help, you
want to get out, but you have no key and you feel helpless....then you
have got it, it's what the marriage is all about! stay away from it

2: The Credit Card Abuse Technique

Technique Summary: On one fine day go to a busy market street, and drop
your credit card on the road and you are all set, just come back to home.
and sit relaxed for month, and wait for your credit card statement to

Now please go through the bill and details of how your credit card got
abused. If you can take all this and still smile and are in position to
pay the bill, then you are ready! just say those words "I do"

Else please understand that your credit card will be abused like this for
the rest of your life, and you will have to take all this with a smile on
your face. so think twice before you do the DO!

3: The Chewing Gum Technique

Technique Summary: A very simple, quick but effective technique. Go to
your nearest super store and buy a single chewing gum. Now put into your
mouth and start chewing it, enjoy the sweet flavored juices, which will
flow in your mouth for sometime, then the chewing will start turning
tasteless, and bland. now you will be tempted to spit the gum and replace
with a fresh one. so the real test starts now. You have to keep chewing
that gum for the rest of the day. no sweetness, no artificial flavors, no
juices, Just a piece of rubber in your mouth.

If you can do it successfully, then the gates of marriage are open and
also welcoming you in. Else, some relationships can become like a stale
chewing gum, and you have to get used to them, before you get into them.

Hope the above mentioned techniques, will help you in take this important
decision of life. These techniques are certified by ISO 2008 Indian Govt
Quality Process. Please note that the govt. officials were not bribed to
get this done!